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Present Day

W. Redmile & Sons Limited
is such a well known company locally that it has always been known as 'W. Redmiles' or just 'Redmiles'. Recently the name 'Redmile Homes' has increasingly been used by customers and as we now only concentrate on new homes, its adoption is an obvious move, especially as more and more customers use the internet to locate companies and properties.

Whatever name you use to discover the company, you will find that we still build good quality and well designed homes for you to really live in, including those features which so many companies charge for as 'extras' and giving the standard of customer service expected from a long-established family business.

Still family owned since 1933, whether you know us as W. Redmile & Sons Limited, W. Redmiles, Redmiles or Redmile Homes, we are still building individual homes just for you!

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